Our Garage Door Services include

 Garage Door Re-Alignment and Balancing, Garage Door Sensor Alignment, Garage Door Spring Replacement, Routine Maintenance for Garage Doors, Garage Door Openers, Cable, Hinge, Roller Replacement, Garage Door Sales and Installation, Garage Door Panel Repair Replacement and Garage Door Tune-ups

Garage Door Panel Replacement

Is your garage door panel worn, or broken? Get it replaced . 1 garage door master has an extensive collection of garage door panels to fit your needs. In addition, we carry insulated and non-insulated panels.

Garage Door Cable Repair

Broken garage door cables are highly inconvenient. It is Usually occurring when you’re leaving or entering your home, resulting in an inoperable door. Call us today, and we can service your door today and get you on your way. We offer the best service with highly skilled technicians. 

Garage Door Spring Repair

A broken garage door spring? No problem. Our highly trained technicians will be at your property on the same day to repair and replace your broken spring. Whether if you have a broken extension spring or broken torsion spring, our technicians are equipped with all types and sizes of the springs you need. Choose 1 garage door master. Give us a call, and you will be able to operate your garage door today.

Garage Door Openers

Old generation garage door openers are loud, out of date, and an eyesore. So we offer the latest garage door technology. Everything from backup batteries, quiet motors, and surveillance cameras provide homeowners with peace of mind when they’re away from home. 

Garage Door Installation

Why wait to replace and install a new garage door? Our technicians will come to you and show you all we have to offer in garage door design. We offer a plethora of finishes, colors, and treatments to perfectly complement your home and add that extra curb appeal every homeowner desires. Let us show you what your home could look like after a new garage door installation!

Garage Door Tune-Up

Like all major appliances, it is very important to maintain and tune the garage door so that its operation will be as smooth as it should be. Our technicians will check, lubricate, memorize and clean the corners, skis, axles and wheels so you can be at peace, your garage door will work smoothly.



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